Customer Testimonials
  • Customer Testimonials "... to me, it's always been the people, their knowledge of systems and equipment and the service they perform. Bob & Mike have been involved with our buildings for many years and their work ethic and job performance are second to none ..."  

Dave Davisson
District Head of Operations & Maintenance
Cannon Falls Area Schools Davisson.
[email protected]

Ph. 1-507-263-3331x450
Cell 1-612-756-2078
Fx 1-507-263-2555

  • Bob and Mike Decklever are Knowledgeable, Dependable, Honest, Trustworthy, Accountable and they take care of the customer. Whenever we would ask about a problem we were having with our HVAC system, they would come up with a solution to get it up and running, and give us options on the best method to improve the operation and efficiency of the equipment. 

Fabian Luna and John Kreusel
First Presbyterian Church in Rochester, MN

  • Decklever Mechanical has provided exceptional service for our HVAC systems. Their knowledge, skills and abilities to trouble shoot, repair, recommend solutions to resolve problems has improved the operation and efficiency of our systems and equipment. They provide their services with honesty and integrity and are really interested in you as the customer. Thanks for your interest in my comments. 

Roger Friedt
Building Operations Supervisor
Dodge County
Ph. 1-507-635-6144

  • It’s my pleasure to testify to the integrity of Decklever Mechanical. Years ago  when I was building homes with my father, he taught me the value of assembling an “A” team of sub-contractors that earned and deserved your trust and then you handed them the ball and let them run. Bob and his staff are on Graham Arenas “A” team for a number of reasons. We know we can count on prompt service(even in an emergency), they’re knowledgeable and skilled, they stand behind their work, and they truly keep the best interests of our complex front and center.

Gary Kleist
Building Maintenance
Graham Arena

  • It is my pleasure to endorse Decklever Mechanical. I have worked with Bob Decklever for over nine years and believe that when it comes to getting the job done, Bob is the man. Bob is always available for consultation. If he does not know the answer to a problem, which is rare, he finds the answer. I have known Bob to be honest and trustworthy in everything from purchasing to application. When we had issues with our pneumatic air control system, Bob tracked down the problem in a timely manner and corrected it. Bob is friendly and relates well to others. There has not been a time that I have called him and he has not responded quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Bob Decklever to anyone. If you have any further questions regarding this recommendation, you may contact me.

Dan Sobeck
Building Supervisor
Pine Island School District
Pine Island Schools
Ph. 1-507-356-4849
email [email protected]